Okay, so my friend and I were just sitting at the computer looking for songs to play with our guitars on my bed. All the sudden we hear this popping noise and we turn around to see what it was. The tailpiece on his guitar snapped. We have no idea what happened, seeing as nobody was touching the guitar and it was not being exposed to anything abnormal. Its a Gibson Baldwin my friend got at best buy if that helps at all. Any explination or remedy would be greatly appreciated!

Pics up soon!
Possibly the tension from his strings were too much for the tailpiece?
Was the tailpiece loose or the strings tight?

btw, I didn't know they sold guitars at Best Buy!
Gaffa tape is like strong electrical tape - it might not be exactly suitable but it will hold things together - my guitar is held up with it.. you'd probably find some at a hardware store or maybe a supermarket.
well the thing is, the screws that go into the guitar that the tailpiece attaches to are the things that popped. i tried uploading pics but the files were too large. so the screws are like aluminum with some kind of mortar inside it seems to me. these split in half, leaving half of the screw in the guitar, and the part of the screw above the surface came off. so i couldnt tape anything together because there is nothing to tape it to, and i cant replace the screws because the holes they go in are filled with the broken screws. its kinda hard to explain.

tl;dr - the tailpiece has nothing to grab onto and i cant tape the screws back together because there is nothing sticking out for the tape to stick to, and i cant just get new screws because half of the old screws are stuck in the sockets
get a drill with a pointy threading bit, screw into the remains of the screws, get a good grip, then unscrew. should come right out.

Was it one of those cheap guitars from best buy, or the ones from the music store part?
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