Hi everyone,

I would greatly appreciate some suggestions for looping pedals.

I plan on using this pedal to emulate 2 or 3 guitars players as a solo guitar player in a band. So all gear that I buy should be stage worthy (that is only for bar band type gigs). I do like the ability to be able to lay down many loops at once though.

I don't know a heck of a lot about them. Even if somebody could explain what I want to look for in a good looper that would be helpful too.

I know that a want to be able to record a bunch of tracks each with a decent length of record time. I do not want a pedal that is going to degrade the sound quality, but that is pretty obvious. Also I have heard that some pedals dampen the previously recorded material as you add more and more sections on the loop. Sorry I do not know the technical terms but hopefully everyone will understand.

I dont want to spend more than 250-300 dollars. An obviously runner up that I am aware of is the Boss RC20XL.

I should note that the reliability of the Line6 DL4 has been negatively critized from what I have read.

Thanks everyone,
Reliability of the DL4 is just one of those things, if soeone has a problem, they tell people, if someone doesn't, they don't. I've had a DL4 for 3 years and mine has been fine.

But any of the Boss RC's sound like what your after. Especially the RC-20.
What I have noticed about many of the loopers is that the first loop you record establishes the length of the loop. So if you record a 4 bar bass line you can't record an 8 bar chord progression over the top of it.
If you are really planning to use this on stage, STAY AWAY from pedals like the DL4 and boss loopers. To overly 2-3 tracks, you need a REAL piece of equipment. Look up the Boomerang Phrase Sampler or Akai Headrush. I strongly prefer the boomerang; I use for a solo acoustic gig and would never trade it willingly.
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