Since today's music is based off Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Pop Rock etc.
IMO I dont even consider Jonas Brothers to be rock.

So heres the question:
Would it be hard to make it, as in become signed if your genre is based off hard rock ? I'm talking GnR, Rage Against the Machine etc. mostly late 80s - 90s rock.

Its just that, today's music industry is only interested in money, and what they could sell, which is what I stated in my first sentence (Jonas Brothers etc.) . I think thats total crap and I'm disappointed in the music that kids listen to nowadays.
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Today's music isn't necessarily just based off those people you mentioned.
Unless all you watch is Disney Channel, then yeah I can see how you'd think that, but otherwise.

And no just find the right label that carries the kind of music you're describing. It's not impossible. Maybe just harder as it isn't as "cost-effective"...
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1. Whether you like it or not, Jonas Brothers is rock. Rock isn't some sort of moral code. It's a style of music.

2. It's hard to make it no matter what music you play. But if you want to play outdated and unoriginal music, you're trying to swim upstream.

3. Cry about it.

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Well, you could always make respectable music not specifically written to make money, that sounds good enough that radio lovers could listen to...?

For example: Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Radiohead, Tool, stuff like that.