Hi, what do you think of this rough song im working on,..
the bass and drums are just placeholders...until we record this and other songs...
i was just playing around with this what do you think of it...

Included Vocals! well--sort of
that song is pretty dope. it kinda sounded like 80's thrash until the solo, which was pretty rippin. so i give it a thumbs up
All the song is very good!!!

For The solo work more on the melody^^

Very Thrashin!!!!

Chuck Schuldiner 1967-2001
Ronnie James Padavona 1942-2010
Darrell Lance Abbott 1966-2004
Jon Nödtveidt 1975-2006
Per Yngve Ohlin 1969-1991
Øystein Aarseth 1968-1993
Joe Ptaceck 1973-2010
Ace Börje Thomas Forsberg 1966-2004
Sounds a lot like Megadeth.
Maybe U2 wouldn't suck so hard if they stopped preaching and started rocking instead. Of course, that's difficult to do with Pantera holding a near monopoly on all things that rock.
lol, that's one of my favourite bands - that and Flotsam&Jetsam/Annihilator!

Well, i guess you can't do 16th Pentatonic rythms without sounding a bit megadethy
Quote by ultimate-slash
lol, if someone told me it was a hidden megadeth song, I would have easily believed it:P
awesome dude:p

lol thanks, im stuck in megadeth mode for some reason.
I keep writing megadethy riffs...