so pit, as you know halloween has passed but i would like to share my story with you when i woke up yesterday i went downstairs and found the cats wearing cute little dracula capes lol anyway thats my story what stories do you have? lets hear it please,thank you.
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A douchebag crashed our party and wouldn't shutup. And when he left to a friends place who he owed money to he got stranded, had one cigarette, no lighter, a phone that was about to die, and no jacket freezing his balls off. Oh well. Haha
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I generally try to avoid being that guy, but I'm not going to lie to you, it's possible that I shit in a friend's dresser once.

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please go away.unacceptable posts will not be acceptable,thank you.

That is the awesomest statement ever.

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please go away.unacceptable posts will not be acceptable,thank you.

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I didn't do anything on Halloween because I'm a ronery bastard.
The party I was at got crashed by security officers who had noise complaints, I'd guess around 50 people in the lil two bedroom apartment. They are only allowed to have up to 15 people in the apartment so everyone left. Some friends and my roomies went back to our place and I got trashed, I don't know about everyone else. I woke up at 11ish the next day perfect, no hangover or anything and there were doughnuts downstairs for everyone who crashed there.
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well... i had a great night with some friends and then passed out still in my costume. or so i thought. I woke up this morning to my buddy holding my phone saying it was in the basement bathroom and was ringing so he answered it and it was my boss saying i was an hour and half late to work. so i got up and got ready to leave when i realized i lost my keys also. So then i finally got to work using my spare set of keys worked for 9 hours hungover as hell then came home and was talking to this girl and found out that i apparently stayed up most the night hanging out with her (and hitting on her shamelessly) then went back to her place...then she wouldn't tell me what happened... i some how messed shit up with her made it back home and lost all my stuff after that, though. Not a bad night i reckon
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