Poll: out of a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate snapping strings?
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View poll results: out of a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate snapping strings?
1/10 (i dont care about snapping strings)
4 20%
2/10 (its not that bad)
0 0%
3/10 (i guess its annoying)
0 0%
4/10 (its kinda in the way)
2 10%
5/10 (its bugging me)
0 0%
6/10 (ill get new strings next week)
3 15%
7/10 (This is pissing me off)
2 10%
8/10 (I need a new string now!)
4 20%
9/10 (Im not even going to play guitar!)
3 15%
10/10 (Life sucks now)
2 10%
Voters: 20.
Title says all.

For me. a 4/5 because i always have to use all my strings. I always snap strings because i have a floyd rose (dont know what they are...then you tube them).

but that other 1/5 thats missing up there is devoted to my practice making riffs on the other strings that i have. I mainly snap my high E string.

I am running a poll as you probably already have seen
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I love them. They give an awesome sound when they snap, plus a shop around here sells individual new strings for $.30 or so, so I don't much care about new strings.

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I like how you choose out of 5 and the poll is out of 10 :p

I chose 7 obviously. I guess i have OCD about having all 6 strings on a guitar.
i use to not mind it that much, it made me think and figure out a new way to play a part and use more of the fretboard. but that was with a stop tail bridge, now i hate it cus i use floyd rose trems that arnt blocked.
i hate snapping strings, and its always my high E string. and i agree with Tallyho i have to have all 6strings on a guitar.
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I voted 7. I'm not going to cry about or go into a Jed imeditative trance to prevent myself from destroying the universe in a boiling angry fit, but it does suck a lot. Especially since a pack of strings costs $6. But even if it were cheaper, I'd still vote a 7, because you think that you can manage without an E string, and by E I mean the big one (yeah, heavy death metally stuff), but nope. You find yourself awkwardly fretting empty air, then nearly throwing the guitar across the room in frustration, thereby choking yourself with the strap and knocking your amp down. Same thing with the G string, B string, and especially the e string (little one)

I think cutting yourself is a bit extreme though.
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I have never snapped a string while playing. I like replacing strings cause new stuff is good.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Individual new strings here are $2.50, so it is kinda annoying, but I don't care. It happens. Move on.
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I have never snapped a string while playing. I like replacing strings cause new stuff is good.

I did it once thinking i'd be able to pick it up by the string. Really i was just trying to see why the hell herman li thought it was a cool thing to do.