I really like the beats of Daft Punk and I was wondering how they achieve those beats. Do they record drums then add effects or is it all produced through software? How could someone like me produce these beats and synth effects? I hope I'm clear.
I assume its all looped synth beats, but i could be wrong. Your best bet would be to buy an actual synth, but i am sure that you could download a computer program that could mimic the sounds pretty effectively
Thanks for your help jimmy. Could the synth be as simple as just those things that look like keyboards? I have musical experience so I'm not completely ignorant.
I'm pretty sure all of their stuff (except for a handful of samples) is played with live instruments, and then run through software.
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Uh, if you want to get into electro music, you are better off at another forum.

www.kvraudio.com is a website with a forum comparable to this, and they can help you A LOT.


Read that, the bottom half tells a bit about what they used.

If you want to save money
and not spend thousands on Analog equipment, you can get a software sequencer/synthesizers. Check out FL studio 8, and see how you like it
Would a drum machine, sequencer or electronic drum set help to achieve the sound?
An electronic drum set wouldn't get you anywhere, it has the same sounds as a drum machine. The majority of Daft Punk's beats are actually sampled from other songs. Search "Where Daft Punk Got their Beats from" or something like that on YouTube to see where their songs come from. It's actually kind of startling to know that they've sampled just about all their songs. As for the beats they actually do themselves, ideally you need a TR-909. But, if you're not willing to shell out obscene amounts of money for a finicky piece of equipment, plenty of companies offer sample packs of TR-909's and 808's. Just get your hands on these, load them into a drum kit sampler (Such as Ableton's Impulse), and you're good to go.