hey guys,

im looking for a bit of advice.I was thinking of buying a new amp (i currently own a samick 20watt amp).but then I thought it is better to buy a guitar processor like a Digitech RP150/250.Is it better to get a new amp or a processor?And which processor would be better a RP 150 or a RP 250.I play everything from Heavy metal to pop- punk so im also looking for versatility.Where i live the amp that is currently available is a Samick 40 watt is it worth upgrading to it?

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Dont get a multi fx pedal or the 40 watt samick amp. It is most likely exactly the same as yours but louder. Look for a Roland cube 30 or a Vox Valvetronix for good practice amps
The main problem is that these amps are not available here...So i dont really have any options except the FX or 40 watt amp.
Having the FX on the 20 watt samick wont be any good?
I would look into a Vox Valvetronix or a Peavey Vypyr if you can. They have a lot of effects and sound 10x better than your Samick. And they're cheap.
I live in a country called Oman in the middle east.
My local store has a Fender amp (im guessing its a Frontman 15G/R or 10G/R) for 130$.Is it a good deal?
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ok the called me again the fender is no longer available but they have a marshall 40 watt amp for 203$.I couldnt get the model or anything but i will surely check it..
Can't you order via teh interwebz?
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i have checked major online dealers and they do not ship international.If you know any dealers that ship international then please let me know.
Ok so there is 1 Roland cube 30X here which i am getting for a price of 237$.Is it good amp?Is it versatile?