like always this is probly a dumb question but im a new guitarist
in some songs (many metal or scremo) you get that realy squelly noice when you bend the strings like um in psychosocial by slipknot in the intro how do you do that?
takes practice.

it helps when you have distortion. Gotta hold your pick the right way also.

Look for a Vid. with someone showing you the right position.
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ok how do i do a pinch harmonic?

It would be hard to explain it correctly using text that's why i put up the vid link.
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You need to understand the idea first. Watch the video WITHOUT a guitar. Then when you sort of understand how it works, try to figure it out. I learned it by pretty much doing one on accident and then just going "oh hey let's do that again, shall we?"
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its mostly in the way that you hold the pick and it helps to have the tone and gain cranked.
It takes quite a bit of practice to get the technique down to make them sound like you want them to.

My advice= turn up the gain and use the bridge pickup. Use a lot of treble and fairly generous amounts of bass, with a good bit of mids thrown in.
im quite proud of the pit. noone was a douche and reported this.

other forums for this though mayne