So I was wondering what's the difference between American made Strats and foreign ones. Obviously, the American ones are more expensive, so is that because they're better? I am thinking about getting a European or Mexican Fender Star, because it's cheaper, but if that's nearly as bad as buying a Marshall MG, then I guess I need to get a job.
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To my knowledge, there are no European Fenders...

Otherwise, it's pretty much Japanese=American>Mexican (which are still great).
well the japenese one's are squire arn't they?
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better electronics better, quality control, much higher re sell value just allround better (wood, pups, hardware)
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well the japenese one's are squire arn't they?

Only if they say squier and made in japan on them...
lol no? japan make actually fender's too, and the mexican one's are still good from what i hear, you'll be all good with a mexican strat.