Hello fellow guitar enthusiats.

i was wondering if anybody has heard of anyone smacking a (strat) tremello bridge on their dear telecaster.

also i would like to hear some feed back on the 4 way wiring mod for a tele. i have heard some positive and negative feed back on it. so i would like to hear your thoughts
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i don't see why not. You should be able to take your tele bridge off and put a strat bridge on...
It depends though. Teles are string through, so you will either have to take the things (mental blank) that go through the body out and dowel them, or find a string through strat bridge.

May I also recommend a TOM bridge with string through like this,
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Eek, I don't know. Will look quite weird. I'd buy a Squier and try it out on that first, you don't want anything to happen.
Well, I've seen a few. Teles and strats are extremely similar guitars so putting a strat trem on a tele is no problem. A quick google search shows a lot...

And the 4 way tele mod. Its versatile but I'm used to 3 way wiring, so sometimes put the guitar into parallel mode rather than the neck p'up. It doesn't take anything from your guitar so if you want it then get it...
Sorry to thread jack...

Am I right in thinking that the 4 way makes it like one humbucker instead of two singlecoils?

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