So I played Battery main riff for some time until my wrist started to hurt a bit. Is it normal (I have no endurance?) or is there something wrong how I'm holding the guitar? My thumb is in the middle of neck so when I play power chords, the wrist is at some nasty angle.
I've tried to move thumb up over the neck, but then I barely can do any power chords.
i dont think there is a right or wrong way to hold the neck. but you shouldnt play through pain. give the song a break for the time being, and work on something slightly easier, and build up endurance.
First, do you stretch at all? Playing guitar is just like an athletic event for your hands, arms, and shoulders. You should try to stretch for at least 5 minutes before you play.
Here's a couple of easy streches you can do:
Sitting down, straighten your left leg, (assuming you're a right-handed player), Straddle, just above your kneecap, with your index and middle fingers. Then bend your knee. Feel that? Hold for about 15 seconds, then repeat the stretch between your middle and ring fingers, then your ring and pinky.
Next, hold your arm straight out, palm facing up. Pull down on your fingers so that your hand is as its flat against a wall. Again, hold for 15 seconds or so. You should do this stretch on both arms.
Finally, try adjusting your strap. I know it looks cool to have your guitar hang real low. But your strap should hold your guitar in the same position when standing as it is when you're sitting down.
If you have any questions let me know.
Stretch before you play.
Rest after playing
You'll get used to it.

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