I've started to have a bit of a problem with my Electromatic Corvette--the output jack's gotten a hell of a lot more loose in the time I've had it.

The 'Vette's got a Tele-styled jack, so I was thinking of replacing it with a Stewart-MacDonald electrosocket jack. I just don't know if it will fit or not...

What do you guys think?
Have you tried tightening it with a shifting spanner?
Anyway, the electrosocket jack should fit if you have a 7/8"-diameter hole
i think you should just get it
you can always fit it

i had to dremmel out where my ibanez' old ouput jack was to put in a new one for my active pickups

also is it accessible from the routing area (actual name escapes me)
alot of output jacks are able to be fastened using a nut so you could put a large washer on to keep it from falling out
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