Yeah, how many of you have given up on bands and started your own project?

How do you do it (one instrument always, vocals, multi-tracking, learning multiple instruments)?

What kind of music do you play?

And what recording program do you use?
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I did it
I used to play in a punk band but noone but me made an effort
And now im my own man in a progressive metal/ambient solo project (www.myspace.com/inflatablejoe)
I use one instrument for rhythm and lead but i change the settings for both so that you can differentiate between the two. There are no vocals in my its all instrumental. I use Cubase sx3 and the digital drums off it , I cant play drums i just go by what sounds good.
I'm sort of a solo band until I find myself a drummer Hard to find a black metal drummer under 16 years old though
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Hard to find a black metal drummer under 16 years old though

I might have guessed it would be hard to find one OVER 16....

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i did. i write most of the music and theres always been a back up of me having more songs written then the rest of the band would learn. when that overfill hit 15 songs i said **** it now i'm making my own album. I play drums bass and guitar and keyboards so i just do it all myself
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Hm. I have not yet. But thats mostly for economic reasons, since i would love to have a solo project, running alongside a band. Some real darkminded black metal !

Its difficult unless you wanna make electronic music. If that is the case, you can make your songs using a sequencer or whatever on a computer, then just go onstage with a laptop and a keyboard, and play the songs on a laptop and play the lead synth on the keyboard. The audience won't know what's doing what lo. You could also switch between guitar for added interest. You'll have to be able to sing as well.
My band broke up in August as we were going to different colleges and I started an acoustic solo project.
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Yep, I did. Looking around for a backing band at the mo', planning on using backing tracks until then for gigs. But for my EP I've been recording and writing all the instruments.
all my music is solo stuff. its been that way since the beginning. i guess im picky i play all my own instruments and stuff. you can listen to it, theres a lot in my profile. now i use acid 6.0 with plugins for just about everything and synth for everything except guitar and bass (no crappy synths, decent quality everything)
I still play in bands, but I'm slowly preparing to work on solo stuff too. I'm buying an electronic drumkit so I can practice, and record my songs with a real drumkit in future. The whole thing might become a collaboration at some point.

My biggest problem is that, like a lot of people, I hate the sound of my own voice. I might pay a professional singer/songwriter to sing over my instrumentals.