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So I've had this old strat lying around for a while now and recently I decided to strip it all out, get some new pickups and fix it up. The only problem is not matter how hard I try the only output I can get from it is from the neck pickup! I;ve just used standard strat wiring, I've check and rechecked and checked again all the wiring and I'm 100% sure that I've followed a standard diagram. I've tested parts over and over again. All the pots work and I get a reading for the pickups. The only thing I can think of is that there is something wrong with the 5-way switch, does it matter which way I put it in? (ie. if the spring faces out or in?) I bought the neck and bridge pups off ebay but the mid is a brand new seymour duncan so there shouldn't be any probs there. (Just an offside - with my multimeter set to 20k I get a reading of 3 for my neck pup, 6ish for the mid and 3 for the bridge - should the bridge be higher than that? Could that have anything to do with my probs?) I've used a 0.047cap, is this too high? Should I go for the 0.022? I've checked the grounding and there's definitley power bcos the neck works. Can anyone offer any help or ideas as to why I am having troubles? Or give me some more insight into the 5way switch? Which lugs should be in contact in the different positions? I've tested it with a multimeter (spring on my left and lug 1 being top left, lug 5 being top right) and the only ones that ever seem to be connected are lugs 4 and 5 (because they're the ones joined with wire) and lugs 6 and 8 (when the switch is in position 2,3 & 4) Is that normal?? It's the only thing I can seem to think that is making a difference...

Anyway, I'm hoping that this is somewhat understandable and that someone can help me out, anything at all would be appreciated. Thanks heaps in advance!
seems like everything is right, it might just be the switch is bad, like u suspected. otherwise, WTF!?!?!?!?!
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