Alright im looking at getting another guitar.I dont really know how much i want to spend on one but prefferably as cheap as possible so im looking at some possible prices and models.I play blues rock sort of hendrix, thin lizzy etc etc. alot of old school stuff. So ive been thinking of some kind of strat as ive always wanted one. However i recently have been getting into alot of 80s hair metal, ozzy ousbourne, van halen etc. so can strats get to that heavy stage?? Oh btw dnt suggest a les paul cause i already have one.

any help appreciated.
Any guitar can play any style of music if you want it to. Iron Maiden use strats, and they're awesome. Personally, I'd say if you want a strat, try a couple of strats out and see if they sound like they'll do the job for you, and if not then look around the store and see what other guitars jump out at you.
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if you have a LP the strats heavy stage will probably dissapoint you. single coils in metal are IMO best for screaching hissing pissed off reptile tones not low tuned down 2 full step brown note approching sounds.
ESP viper... I want one bad.


or if that's out of your price range.


I played a 400 at the local guitar shop... it was damn nice as well.
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nah im really into the whole single coils for that crunch blues thing. but is it possible to get single coils that can be used for metal and rock. and i dnt down tune very oftern(occasional drop D)