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Squier Vintage Modified 70's Jazz
18 60%
Squier Classic Vibe 60's Jazz
4 13%
1 3%
7 23%
Voters: 30.
Looking to buy a Jazz Bass on the cheap, to use it for melody, and chords mostly. But still doing alot in the lower registers. I was wondering if i should get the Squier VM Jazz, or the CV Jazz. They both look good, but I need some help deciding. I'd prefer to buy new. If you have any other suggestions, please specify them.

Thank you.
Well the VM is going to be a lot brighter, and I think the CV has better hardware, are you able to try both of them out first?
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ive tryed both, and i like both, but the CV has a coat on the neck which i found sticky
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Well the VM is going to be a lot brighter, and I think the CV has better hardware, are you able to try both of them out first?
The VM is very bright. It has a maple body, maple fingerboard, and maple neck. The CV has a better bridge, but has a basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard so the CV is going to be less bright. Also the CV has a thick "vintage" gloss finish on the back of the neck like the Fender Jaguar. I personally would get the Vintage Modified because of the maple body+maple neck+maple fingerboard and the Vintage Modified has black block "inlays"(They're painted on like the Geddy Les Signature)
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I've had an opportunity to try out the VM, and it seemed noice, excepth the action was too high. And I've played the CV Precision. I didn't mind the glossy neck finish.
I've tried the VM, it felt and sounded nice. However it is quite heavy, which comes with the territory. After all, it is pretty much a few big hunks of maple glued or screwed together.
I'm fine with heavy, for a few months i was wielding a 12lb lakland.

But I think i might save up for a bit before i get a new bass. Going to shoot for the VM jazz, but will check to see if my new amp gives me the differenc i'm looking for.