Ok so I dont have much money to buy an amazing amp, and I live in a studio apartment, however I do have a nice computer which I can put it through, or I have my practice amp that I can put it through and I can handle that, no big deal. Its 130 bucks not to mention it comes with USB connection so I can put more presets on it if I want to. So to me it sounds like a good deal.

I just want to know if its something good for practice at home and recording purposes, any reliability issues, any known latency issues (any delays in the signal path and what not) and what not.

I play all kinds of metal, shred, jazz and blues...not the best player, buy you guys should know that already.

thanks in advance guys.
im in the same boat as you, i was thinking about a new amp, but it was just too goddamn loud and its too heavy to carry it anywhere. so im getting a pod. about the latency issues, the pocket POD doesnt carry sound through USB, even though you can change your settings through USB. so for recording, you would have to go from the 1/8 inch output into your soundcard, which would give you the same latency as any other direct recording device would. it's fairly cheaply made, so i wouldnt throw it out of your window, but that shouldnt be too big of a problem. the amp models on it are not bad for a little processor, it should be perfect for your purposes.

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