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A Walk Through Ember Fields
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Faith In Autumn
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I step outside for a second...
Won't need a coat,
just a light jacket.
It's been two weeks,
I can't wait to see her.
Step back in, stop
to take a quick look
in the mirror;
nothing too fancy,
(I don't want to seem desperate)
a red T over blue jeans,
her favorite pair because
she likes the way
they hug me.
I comb my hair,
brush my teeth,
feed the cat, now
it's time to leave.

She asked me to
meet her at the park.
The one downtown where
people always go to
walk their dogs.
During the 10 minute hike,
my excitement is peeked.
Almost there, almost...
there she is. I spot her
on a bench as soon as I
turn the corner,
other than her the
park is empty.

I jog over and take a seat.
She doesn't even look at me,
just drops an envelope
on my lap, with the word
"sorry" written in red ink.
I open it up to find
only one thing,
an engagement ring,
the one from me.

I can't think of a reason.
I close my eyes
long enough
to notice I've
stopped breathing.
I open my eyes, open my mouth
and turn to her to say...
nothing, she's already
up and on her way.

I realize just how empty
the park really is.
The quiet emphasizing
the subtle snap and crackle
of autumn's failing patience,
and with each step heard
I wonder under which leaf
she's hidden my backbone
and dignity.

A Walk Through Ember Fields

She hitchhiked a walk with me through ember fields
with her thumb on the call button;
I estranged, since we didn’t talk for a while
and we’d probably have nothing to say,
like a casual encounter with someone we know
but barely not enough.
The common “what’s up?” on the street
without slowing the pace.

I took her to a place I’ve never been before;
a small paradise unknown to many, I presumed.
I remember passing by while driving to
somewhere I don’t recall.
I thought of Louise instantly,
but she OD’d from depression...
So, I took this situation to clear my mind:
a breeze; a breath of fresh air;
a boredom break.

We arrived, and what once was a sprout of life
was now like slow death; a torture to sight.
The path cracked by each step we took;
dry leaves were leaching strength
and the view was undressing to passivity.
Little fires started sparking here and there;
soon it will be overflamed
just like Louise…

The hand I was holding was aging to decomposition;
the touch was no longer smooth,
her pulsation sensitive.
She was dying on the way.
The sky was clouding, from cyan to pink;
from innocence to flames.

I kneeled down for a moment
while a whirlwind of new born leaves
hugged me. My bubble; my escape rope
out of a world where nothing kept its way.

I looked at her, already a statue
eaten by the landscape; diminished to lifelessness.

I miss Louise, not some petals incinerating;
I miss yesterdays’ blooms...

Faith In Autumn

When I leave this place behind
In a whirl and still confused
Move along with what I'm doing
For the fact it's what I choose

And assured the leaf won't know
As it darkens on the tree
But a leap of faith later
There's still faith as autumn leaves

It will form a travelling safety net
To save from scraping knees
The wind blows where it is needed
Golden veins and saintly deeds

Fences that entrap them
Build them higher all along
The blurry spectrum they inhabit
Where no deeper shade is wrong

Aim colour for the sky
Recall leaves as they float by
Drifting motives, mobile canvass
Wreathing faith in leafy dances
Now I've faith enough to fall


I’m sweeping bones under carpets,
Dusting off the urned ashes
Of a summer passed.
Now I put my pen to page everday,
trying for some dark, dank university
where I can muffle regrets between squeaky floorboards,
and paint myself blue for a losing team.

I helped the Sun cross the street yesterday.
She’s really getting too old to be waltzing around like that.
Somebody should put her in a Home.
Or a casket.
Like the weather, I’m not particular.

But leaves are falling like freckles,
and everyone, everytree,
is showing the same shade of death.

I always loved autumn colors.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.