i want a harmonica, can i get one which plays all keys, ie, one which u can play with any song? also, do i need the head brace thing and is it hard to learn how to play it? thanks
As far as I know, there is no Harmonica which can play all keys. You're gonna have to pick one(I think it's 'C' which is the most popular key, but I'm not 100% sure).

The Head-Brace thing is only going to be used if you plan to play guitar or do anything else involving your hands while playing it.

Harmonica, like any other instrument, requires practice to play properly and to master all the necissary techniques, such as bending.

Lastly, Harmonicas are cheap, so you won't be out much money if you decide you don't like it. If you want a basic diatonic harmonica, it won't cost you more than $30.
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Just like guitar tabs there are websites that have harmonica tabs as well ! The key of c is the most popular one at least thats what they told me when i bought it!
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I started playing and got good at harmonica in about 4 months. Bending (uesd in blues) is tough to pick up on, but (and im not kidding) listen to the John Mayall and Bluebreakers w/ Clapton album and you can hear how to play bluesy harmonica and how to bend and stuff. I started with a key of D harmonica, but thats just because thats what my uncle (whos a sax player) told my mom to get me. I think she mis-heard him. You should probably start on a key of C though.
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The chromatic harmonicas can play in any key but you can't bend with them which limits the styles of music you can play. If you want to play blues, rock, and most folk music then you need a "regular" harmonica.
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what kind of harp do you want to play? the folky harmonica like Bob dylan or Neil young? or the Bluesy harmonica like Jack Bruce or Elwood Blues?
U have diatonic(blues harp) and chromatic harmonica's. Blues harp has the classic harmonica sound, but if u wanna play more keys u need more harps.

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yeah, i want to play like bob dylan and neil young, will a C key harmoica only play with songs in c?
i think neil uses the same key of harmonica in every song, but i also think that Bob uses a different key than Neil. go to a music store that knows their shit and ask around.
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yeah, i want to play like bob dylan and neil young, will a C key harmoica only play with songs in c?

Technically you can play all keys with a Key of C harmonica but it's very difficult. When you start playing harmonica you will play what is known as 1st position. This is the folky stuff and it's pretty straight forward. As you progress you will probably start playing cross harp with is better for blues. If you are playing cross harp on a Key of C harmonica then you are actually playing in the Key of G
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As a chrom player, I would say that the chrom is not as limited as many think... if you stick with single note melody lines. You can still get half bends. Yet, as some people stated, it will never sound as well as any notes acquired by bending.

I personally play a super64, BTW. (16 holes)

It depends on what you want. If you want somethign that sounds like organ with perfect notes, chormatic will do. If you want to be soulful, it can be only acquired by bending, and in that case, you can either get the Hohner's XB-40, or learn overbend

And as some said, you will always play crossharp, simply because bending is easier in crossharp. refer to this: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Harmonica/Harmonica_Positions_Chart

As for harmonica holder: anyone will do.
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