So i just bought the Randall rg50tc, what i noticed when turning it on and playing on the lead channel was that the distortion sounded very thin and even with the bass cranked on full there were very little bass in the sound and the palm mutes sounded like shit, the next time i started the amp, all of that was gone and the sound was much better and alot more bass but then the sound kind of "jumped" or something and went back to the crappy distortion sound, my question is what can be causing this? is it just the tubes ?
Guitar: Ibanez RGR321 EXBK

Amp: Bugera 6260 head + 4x12 cab
this might be a failing tube, check all your tubes and see if they are all glowing equally. Also how loud are you cranking your amp because this problem can also come up if you dont crank your amp as loud as it needs to drive the tubes and speakers. I have a couple of tube amps and when they are at low volume they have no bass at all and then when i krank it to around 2 or 3 then thats when the good low end comes in.
I just looked at the tubes when starting the amp, i dont know so much about tubes, but there are 2 abit larger and longer tubes and 3 small and shorter ones, when starting the amp the 2 larger tubes started to glow but the 3 smaller ones didn't glow at all, maybe abit but it was barely visible. Is this whats causing the problem?
Guitar: Ibanez RGR321 EXBK

Amp: Bugera 6260 head + 4x12 cab
Those large tubes are your power tubes. The small ones are your preamp tubes. What you're seeing is not causing your problem, but it does sound like you could need to replace the tubes.
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Also if i carry the amp and put it down carefully theres like a ringing type of sound coming from the tube it seems like, maybe thats normal, but i thought its worth mentioning it
Guitar: Ibanez RGR321 EXBK

Amp: Bugera 6260 head + 4x12 cab
Could it be that the speaker needs breaking in?
If the problem is getting worse as you use it, my first guess would be the tubes, or maybe a capacitor. As it is getting better i would guess the speaker is breaking in.
Also, what volume are you running it at? Tube amps sound better as the voume goes up

Check the tubes are in their sockets properly and the speaker is plugged in well
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ive tried to crank the amp to very high volume, the problem is still there, thin and low bass distortion
im taking the amp to the store where i bought it tommorow and they are going to take a look at it
Guitar: Ibanez RGR321 EXBK

Amp: Bugera 6260 head + 4x12 cab