At the moment I'm looking for a multi-fx for sub £150 that can handle decent distortions and overdrives with decent features for other effects if needed.

I play mainly Punk/Hardcore/Metal through a Epiphone G400 (soon to be fitted with SH-6 in bridge) and a Laney Lv200 amp.
Main bands/gutiarists I try and base my sound on are Hot Water Music, Bad Religion and Refused

So far I've been recommended

Boss ME-50
Korg AX 3000G
Digitech RP350
and Zoom GT2-1U

Can anyone recommend which one is the best for what I am trying to achieve from these 4 or suggest any others (with links please)
you could get a boss me-20. its slightly smaller than the me-50 and doesnt have as many flash features but its great for the price and has an expression pedal as well.