Ok, I have a black Macbook, and I want to record myself via Garage Band, or some other program. I really dont care what program. The problem I'm going through is that I dont know how to connect my guitar to my laptop, is there a cable to do this? And yes , i know my speakers will blow out if I try to play, which is why i can easily buy new ones. I just need a way to connect it, and maybe play with Amplitude?
go to radio shack and see if they have an amp cable to a usb cable. im pretty sure i seen one before
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Mark, Although you could try running into the audio cards input, I suggest getting an interface. Even the Line6 Toneport GX would work better than your stock sound card.

If you have the cash, spending a little more on your interface, (around $150+) would be best overall

When using software as your amp and FX you really almost "need" an interface...This is because of that dreded latency. If you try to play your guitar and get the sound back even half a second later, it will really mess with you. (been there myself, trust me...).
The Toneport GX is fair but as I said, spending a little more will help you more in the end.

I suggest the EMU 0202 to get started on. The USB2.0 connection is nice and fast and the product isnt too high in price either.
The PreSonus Inspire 1394 firewire interface is another very popular choice.
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Thanks for linking to my video Punk.

Thank you for making the video it helped me really alot