I am a BIG Black Sabbath fan and He is currently my favorite guitarist....so...

Anyone Know what set up he was using to record War Pigs?

If not....

Lets just talk about him!

You can talk about Tony Iommi all you want there. I'm sure they'll be able to answer any questions you have about the band.
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short answer: SG and Marshall cranked

better answer: find a Sabbath thread
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short answer: SG and Marshall cranked

better answer: find a Sabbath thread

Wrong, Iommi played Laney's almost exclusively.


That's the rig he was using the year War Pigs was released, but it was his stage rig.

Wouldn't be too different, I'd imagine (minus the 6 Laney's or whatever).
i read a biography on BS and there was a section on gear. in early black sabbath, he had either an SG or a strat, and either a marshall or a laney. i think the laneys were later in his career though

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