Hi. the guitar and amp im playing.. i think dosnt suit my music. my amp is a Peavey Blazer 158 and my guitar is a FEnder startocosator standard edtion. i listen to aloot of alternative like Blink182 and Busted. i dont think i have the right equipment.. does anyone no what i could use?
13 and listening to pop-punk hey?
Whats your budget?
Do you like your current strat? (the feel of it).

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either way....

strats are fine, but you may want to put a humbucking single coil pickup in the bridge, assuming you like how it plays. if you wanted a new guitar, Les Paul, SG, Telecaster would probably suit you better.

and save up a decent amount of money for a rectifier sounding tube amp (assuming your still going for the blink tone)
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Chrisiphone.. i think my guitar is quite ok but my amp jst dosnt give me the right sound.. i duno if its the amp or if i need to change the eualizer and tone etc. for the distortion