Lyrically I rate this song as one of my better efforts. Its an allegory for the cycle of life.
V1 Spring – childhood – the joys of a carefree life
V2 Summer – early adulthood – the years of beauty and strength and arrogance and pride til God comes kicks us in the ass and puts our life in perspective
V3 Autumn – the years of mellowing, we begin to realize it will all come to an end
V4 Winter – the years of old age and preparation for eternity.


Silver the mists that usher the morn
That frolic and dance with the break of the dawn
Carefree the song of the skylark on high
Over meadows of ripe golden barley and rye

Lofty the mountains with their peaks tall and proud
Majestic in beauty, decked in the clouds
Raging of oceans mighty display
At the voice of Your thunder they hasten away

Soft are the raindrops in autumn that fall
Late in the evening the nightingale calls
Flight of the blackbird, setting of sun
Man goeth home for his labour is done

Sweet is the wine that makes glad heart of man
Fleeting his life, like a flower in its span
Soothing the oil that will make his face shine
When the curtains are drawn with the passage of time

Life is a glass of warm mulled wine. Sweet and cheerful but with couple of sips it is gone

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