I have 2 PR15 400 RMS speakers. Im going to buy two crown xls 202 amps. Bridge each amp mono and hook up one amp for one speaker. The XLS has speakon outputs but the speakers have TRS. How would I go about hooking everything together.
Have you tried contacting Brian on youtube?
I know he's back from England now and so he may have some time to explain your wiring setup or even make a short video about it.


I would like to help myself however I dont know as much about PAs as Brian. I should really learn more about them though...

BTW you can buy Speakon - TRS cables. GuitarCenter has them on sale every now and then if you have one around you...
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I decided to run my PA in mono. So the Crown XLS 602 or 802(I forgot) will do 1200W bridged mono. I am safe with that amp.

As for hooking it all up. Amps are suppose to be close to speakers as possible, I read. I can use speakon to 1/4 speaker cable(balanced) to hook up my speakers. It does not need to be Phone ends. And any balanced XLR to XLR will hook up my mixer to my amp.
OH correction.

When I hook up both speakers, i go down to 4 ohms. So that in mind, the XLS is not what I want if I want mono. It does not support bridged mono at 4 ohms. So I decided to buy the XLS XTI1000 it can do 500W at 4 ohms stereo and 1400W at 4 ohms bridged mono.