I'm hopefully going to be playing lead with my Squier Tele in my church's youth band.
Any advice on what strings I should be playing?
whatever feels comfortable to you. What guage are you using at the moment? I've found the best for me to be D'addarios but just try a few different brands and see which are best for you.
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e,b,g,d,a,e would be a good start!

thats a tuning smartass

use strings that are tried and tested (makes and guages), instead of changing them before a gig, which may have bad consequences
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Use whatever's comfortable to you, some people prefer 8s and some prefer 13s, and it's the same genre they're playing.

Just buy a few packs of strings, different guages and different brands, and see what you like.

P.S. You may have to set your guitar up again after you change string guage.
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haha thanks.
i'm not an idiot, jamiec
i just wanted to get some opinions of other people who play teles.
just because i just made this account and have a squier doesn't mean i know nothing.