Poll: Favorite Iron Maiden song?
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The Trooper
4 7%
Run To The Hills
6 10%
The Number Of The Beast
6 10%
Afraid To Shoot Strangers
0 0%
Flight Of Icarus
2 3%
Children Of The Damned
4 7%
The Phantom Of The Opera
0 0%
Hallowed Be Thy Name
24 39%
The Prisoner
1 2%
Other (Post on forum)
14 23%
Voters: 61.
Yeah.........please vote.
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hallowed be thy name
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What no Fear of the dark?

Id have to say Wrathchild.
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Two Minutes To Midnight...
Pure sweetness.
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'Silence Planet' and 'The thin line between love and hate'. Both from their best album imo Brave New World.
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Two Minutes To Midnight...
Pure sweetness.

+1, awesome!
Wasted Years is quite good too.

A side note if you like, in the whispering intro for the Crue song (not album) Saints Of L.A. it says "Hallowed be thy name".
I don't know why I posted that but it jumped out at me at the time.
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I have to go with Number of the Beast, cause it's the first one I ever heard, first metal song I ever learned to play, and to this day I have to sing the whole ****in thing every time I hear it.

But other noteworthies are Two Minutes to Midnight, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Powerslave, Flight of Icarus, just too many to keep listing. I could go all day. IRON MAIDEN!!!
hallowed be thy name

and then fear of the dark
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To Tame A Land is much better than any of their overated pop hits (Hills, Trooper, Midnight etc.)
Revelations is my all time favorite.

But I'm going to go with EVERY SONG THEY EVER MADE.

'Out of the silent planet' from the album 'Brave new world' is my all time favourite

that whole album introduced me to Iron Maiden, I love every bloody song of them
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Iron Maiden is very progressive,
ever heard seventh son of a seventh son?

Sitkh are infinitely more progressive but they still go in the metal forum.

For what it's worth I say Fear of the Dark (OMG being in the crowd when the do that live ) and Hallowed be Thy Name (again...live )
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I really like run to the hills, so I chose it, but I also like a lot of Dianno-era Maiden. (sanctuary, Killers, etc.)

Run to the Hills is my fave, though.
Out of your list I'd have to say Afraid to Shoot Strangers just because of that interlude 2 1/2 or so into the song. It sends chills up my spine whenever I hear it.

My personal favorite is Journeyman off of Dance of Death though. I agree with whoever said Brave New World is their best album.
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The Number of the Beast, Paschendale, and Aces High are my favorite songs.
i voted for hallowed be thy name, just so good. but aces high is an easy second.
10/7/07- Van Halen
3/16/08- Iron Maiden
1/9/09- AC/DC
7/8/09- Judas Priest
11/10/09- Metallica
7/3/10- Iron Maiden
7/24/10- Rush
4/15/11- Rush-

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your time will come is my favorite by far



It's "wicker man".
Sign of the Cross. Man, Blaze Bayley is frigg'n awesome.
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