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fable 2
15 38%
call of duty world at war
25 63%
Voters: 40.
get Tetris. It's better than both.

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You should get Fallout 3

Or Farcry 2

Damn there's so many nice games coming out
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You should get Fallout 3

Pretty much that
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Fable, Just so you can then post a thread about your day and how you bought Fable, then in that thread I can tell you the spoilers, which will make you want to take the game back.
fasble 2 is good but it isnt that long of a game
so id get get call of duty cuz youll get you paid for online
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seriously, Fable 2.
Or Star Wars: Force Unleashed
oh yeah xD

They're both dead short
Choose Fable 2

Then choose Love.

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get Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Call of Duty, Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and tetris.
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wait for gta4? if ur on pc that is, if not get COD

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fable 2. cod5 is like cod4 in a different time setting(that is what my friend told me, he had the beta). fable 2 isn't as deep as fable 1 but it is still really fun and has quite a bit of replay value and a bunch of hidden secrets. also i cant stand fallout 3. it just feels so strange and i feel super slow