Active pickups have a preamp which boosts the pickups and drives the tubes harder.

I've heard people going months without changing the battery. I change mine every month or so, because i play a lot and I'm paranoid about my tone.

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oh probly about every 6-10 months depending on how much you play.. BUT REMEMBER TO UNPLUG YOUR GUITAR when not in use LOL.... differents is, actives have a pre amp built in the pickup, thats how they get there insane amount of gain, there alright with solid state amps they do make a differents, i know i used to run them with a spider II , but they work best in a tube amp, where the pickups can drive the tubes to hell and back...... install the PA 2 with the EMG`s and your amp will start ripping peoples faces off. i LOVE EMG !!!
I do play around 5 or 6 hours a day but i've noticed a difference in tone after a month of playing, so i wouldn't go for 6 months without changing them.
And yes unplug your guitar, it will drain the battery if you dont.

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EBMM JP7 Dargies Delight II
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Actives are great for live playing because you get more of your tone from the pickup then the guitar. If you need to switch instruments they will all sound very close to each other. You could probably throw emgs into a squire and make it sounds hugely better, but it doesn't help the horrible craftsmanship. I don't prefer them though.
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active uses a power source (i.e. battery), passive do not.
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but anyway, i have emgs in my viper and i change the battery whenever i hear the tone becoming overly unclear/distorted.
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