ok well im giving a speech for school on how to play metalcore music and im showing people how to write a song but im stuck on what kind of solo i should use for my song
it uses the Aeolian scale for most of the riffs so what kind of solo should i use and what scale for the solo remember its a metalcore song ty
Standard Metalcore Guide

  • Tune your guitar to Drop D - this is a must
  • The only three chords you will EVER need:

  • Solos: use the chromatic scale, and only that
  • Write one riff using nothing but 1/4 notes with the low D as a pedal tone and use it over and over and over again
  • Scream

That's if you want to go for standard metalcore (sorry but it's really not my favourite genre). If you want to broaden out, include tritones in the riffs or use the phrygian mode for a nice heavy feel. For the solos, just PLEASE stress that it shouldn't all be about running up and down scales with absolutely no feeling (although that does account for most metalcore).

To be honest, it depends what you want to impart to these people - Either do the standard (see above), or break the mould a bit and talk about modes, phrasing, bends, key changes and all those things that metalcore usually leaves on the roadside
id probably advise you to just simply use a lot of wah and vibrato and keep the sweep picking to a minimum but that said i havent actually heard the rest of your song so i cant really say a lot but anyway if youre really stuck you could just do a harmonised solo that usually works well for most metalcore bands like as i lay dying and (waken the fallen era) avenged sevenfold as for scales try natural or harmonic minor its most probably what id do im not sure how good my advice is to you since im not very experienced but good luck with that
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