Hey and welcome to the album reviews thread well as you can guess this thread is about recomending alums and reviewing them example

Album: All Hope Is Gone

Artist: Slipknot

Best song: Gematria(The Killing Name)

Why: because i prefer the heavier side of slipknot and this song is like having anal secks with a bear

Worse Song: Vermillion. part 2(bloodstone mix)

Why: theres 3 versions of this song now.. there dident need to be another after vermillion 1!

Why its Recomended: Because its the most flexible slipknot album out there and i think almost every metal fan will like one song on it

so theres an example now post your reviews

sorry if im a noob at making threads this is like my 3rd one
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there is a whole section of UG for album reviews
and each genre forum has a reccomendation thread
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...lol, there are generally AOTM reviews in each specific genre forum and aside from that album reviews are posted on the main site. Go look.

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