Got 3 packs of hybrid slinkys, 9-46, as I ordered the wrong strings. All 3 for a tenner posted. Paypal preferred.
hi dan 8-) bump
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Ship to US?
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Wouldn't it be cheaper for you to buy them over there? I'm happy to try and get a postage quote if you're paying shipping.. PM me.
Not gonna ship overseas, UK only. Someone must want them.. Or you could offer a trade?
If these aren't gone by the end of next week, I may aswell just use them. Anybody got any experience of hybrids? Last time I used 9's I lost all my tone, so I'm a little worried I will again.
you shouldnt lose tone at all...just dont drop the tuning too much
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I could take them off you... You still have them for sale right?

Yeah, PM'd.