Hey kids, I painted the octopus on that guitar like I was talkin' about and it came out sweet so I figured I'd show it off. Unfortunately, I only brought my film SLR to school and no digital camera, so we'll have to make due with this cell phone camera picture.

Thanks for your input in the matter, and the tip to use paint that sticks to plastic. It worked really well!
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That is the coolest guitar I've ever seen.

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That's really ****in' awesome!

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Thanks guys! I'm pretty proud of it. It distracts from the kinda tacky chrome pickup rings the previous owner slapped on there haha
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Glad to know it works! I think I might still change them out at some point. Another option is to put black covers on the humbuckers as contrast with them, which might be neat.
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Yeah, I guess, but that would be a return to the original look. If I do anything to it now it will be in the interest of making it more different than it is now from a stock Schecter, mostly out of sheer contrarianism haha.
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Pretty trippy, but at the same time, intricate enough to blow your mind without the use of drugs.

I commend you upon this effort, sir.

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I liked the foxy...

edit: it's still awesome, though. Did you freehand it, stencil it, or...?

I wanted to paint it freehand, but nobody at AC Moore could tell me what paint would stick to plastic, besides stuff in cans, and I don't know of any model shops around here. I wound up buying sheets of label-making printer paper at Staples and some plastic-sticking spray paint, and just did it up X-Acto style.

And deftones, thanks! The fact that it takes some looking-at to decipher was why I didn't go with the fox (plus the paint was $7 a can and I didn't want to buy two haha) and I like how it came out.
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Thats bitchin!

So, you just stenciled paint for plastic right on the clearcoat? Rockin.
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