A Fender 212R amp ?
I picked one of these up for £60 ($120) recently as a temporary fix while my 25th anniversary Marshall tube amp (one of the best amps ive ever used) gets a long needed service,it will be out of action for around 3 weeks.

Ive found that the clean sound isnt that bad on the Fender,maybe a little thin but with a little bass and reverb i can get a sound im reasonably happy with,where as the built in overdrive is pants and using a stand alone distortion helps but i still cant get the sound i want.

I know that the Fender 212R isnt rated very high among you guys but for the next month i dont really have a choice as i have various gigs to play so im just going to have to make do,so im looking for advice on what i can do with the stuff i already have (listed below) with the option of spending a bit more cash on an other pedal

Guitars (Im using GHS Boomers 10's)
Aria Pro II (With Twin Seymour Duncan Humbuckers)
Washburn G IV (86')
Marlin Brand Gibson SG copy
Cruiser by Crafter style Strat

Boss DS-1
Boss DD-3
Marshall SV-1 Supervibe Chorus
Marshall "GUV'NOR" Overdrive
DOD Thrashmaster
Zoom 504 II

So if anyone can create a decent sound out of this set up (using the Fender 212R) please let me know
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