Deciding between the MXR Dynacomp and the Robert Keeley Comp. One's 69 and the other's 229. My bud has the Keeley and told me it "just makes it come alive". Verses the Dynacomp which just does its job. Anybody got an opinion? Is it wise to spend the extra 160?
Try them...and see which YOU like best.

The cliche answer you weren't looking for...I know. That's life.
WTLTL 2011
the keeley is taken from the original mxr dyna comp back in the day...

i am a compressor freak!!..i won 3 of them..why in the hell anyone needs 3 compressors is beyond me...but i cant help myself!!..i love um!!

if money werent an object,..i would get the keeley...if i wanted one of the best compressors for around $100...the dyna comp is still the industry standard....