Ok, so I have a quick question and could really use your help.

I used a pencil to sketch out the Hendrix Monterey strat designs on my pickguard and now I want to go over it. It seems sharpie would be the easiest, but I heard it fades, so could I sharpie the designs and then clearcoat it to prevent fading/smearing?
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You could always just let it fade, and then do something different later. Hendrix wouldn't clearcoat that shit, he painted his V with nail polish.
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use paint that won't fade?
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I know that George Harrison's psychedelic strat was painted with Nail Polish, too, so that might be the way to go if you want to recreate the swinging 60's.

A sharpie would almost certainly rub off, and nail varnish would chip off, so some kind of clearcoat would be a good idea
Ok, thanks guys. Funkbass, I said sharpie because of the ease, but I probably will now just paint it on with a slim brush then clearcoat.

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ive drawn on my stringray pickguard and i clearcoated it, 4 months later its still good as the day i put it on

EDIT: i used perment pens used to write on cds to draw on my pickguard
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Yeah get some clear lacquer, either nitro or acrylic, make sure it wont melt the design though.

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