Is there any reason for me to go with the 212 instead of the 112 other than the watt difference?

I have about $650 to spend on a new amp come Christmas time, but if I can I'd like to put some money toward a new guitar. So would it be better for me to go with the 112 and save $120 or get the 212?

I'm more of a bedroom rocker than a gigging musician, so I don't see why I would need more than 50w.
you wouldn't even need that for a bedroom cos its a tube amp and a bloody loud one!
a 20W tube amp will be too loud for bedroom practise :p
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Definetly get the 112. 50w is plenty for most gigs unless you're playing a stadium or something, and having the 212 just means spending more money when you have to change tubes or if you want a speaker upgrade.
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If you're only playing in your bedroom you won't be able to put the 112 above 1 or 2 on the lead channel, and not above 3 on the clean channel... but it's still good to have in case you perform somewhere.
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Although with the 212, you have more possibilities with speaker changes. Mixing speakers often sounds great!
I'd go with the 112. I recently got a 212 and was playing able to play Nickleback type songs with the volume nob on 3. Hell, I don't think its even been above 4 yet.

So yeah, defiantly go for the 112 for bedroom type stuff. It'll still be more than loud enough to play with friends or small gigs if you need to.