well ive been playing about three years now..im pretty good but i want to get better by learning to fingerpick well and learn some slap tecniques. so far i can play dust in the wind and stairway to heaven(the basics) but when it comes to harder stuff like john mayer or antoine dufour i just cant get my fingers to play and i just cant play it that well .and also alot of times my fingers will hit the wrong stings and i cant keep tehm in order. so i was wondering if anyone had some good ways to practice fingerpicking or any easy(not too easy) fingerpicking songs.
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Try playing some songs you know faster, that way your fingers will get used to speed and wont play the wrong strings.
One song that's pretty good for building chops is Blackbird. But I think you need to slow down so your fingers can get used to the strings. Once you've got the accuracy down, you can worry about speeding it up.
First finger-picking song I ever tried to play, Boy With a Coin. Its hard, but I just willed myself to do it.
Moral of the sentence is, if you try really hard (And start slow with a metrenome), you can play any song. Eventually. Practice practice practice
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There are some good lessons on this site for fingerpicking and also some good speed exercises and finger strengthing exercises. Learn some scales to, they will help. A good fingerpicking song is Spoke in the Wheel by Zakk Wylde.
Good fingerpicking either Babe I'm Gonna Leave You or Your Time Is Gonna Come both from Led Zeppelin
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