I know people who have purchased from there. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Their gear was undamaged.
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i personally havent used it, but it looks legit.
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No one in the history of the world has bought from guitar center. I wouldn't trust a place that specializes in only guitars.
Guitar Center is the biggest chain of guitar stores in the country
If you have a local Guitar Center, order it from the computer inside the store. That way you can return the guitar to the store and they'll take care of shipping it back if something goes wrong or if you don't like it.
i bought my schecter c-1 hellraiser from GC online...came in about a week and a half. arrived in perfect condition, action, intonation, tuning, everything was great
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No one in the history of the world has bought from guitar center. I wouldn't trust a place that specializes in only guitars.

This man knows his stuff. Listen to him!
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it's a good store but musiciansfriend is my favorite..
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Well, thank you to the people who have posted a helpful response.

Take into account next time that the person asking may not have a guitar or live anywhere near a Guitar Center.
its genearrly pretty good there...nice storeds their websites say what the guitars got and doesnt leave out much
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I'm looking to buy a Schecter S1, and I found one on www.guitarcenter.com.

Is this site reliable? Would I be paying for a cardboard box or a guitar?

Let me know, please and thank you.

Are you serious? They are a huge chain of stores, of course you will get your guitar. They do pretty good sending it too, my friend bought his guitar online and got it without any dents, scratches, or flaws.
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