Item for sale here is a sony PSP (the old model)
The PSP has custom firmware (4.01 M33), which allows the user to run backed up games (ISOs) and emulators and such, also comes along with a 128mb memory stick

The console is in good condition, has recently had a new battery and d-pad installed. Works perfectly, pictures below:


Does not come with wall charger, however the battery is full and new chargers are only around a fiver on eBay.

Looking for around £40-45
If you wish to trade I may be willing to trade for a nice flanger pedal or a multi-effect, but make me an offer!

Thanks for looking!
Whereabouts are you?

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Quote by jemstar555
Whereabouts are you?

N.I but postage anywhere in uk is the same. in case you were wondering postage should be around £5
can u include a bigger card???
128 is like..a super ripped iso..
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can u include a bigger card???
128 is like..a super ripped iso..

Sorry dude its the only other memory card I have, this could hold a lot of emulators and roms etc though!
Hey if your looking for trades i have an xbox 360 for trade, youd have to give me more than the psp though lol