I have been practicing chromatic scales and find it very difficult to fret a string without muting the adjacent strings. I have very thick finger tips, the only way I don't mute the other strings is by fretting the string with skin between my nail and finger tip. I have built up calluses so it doesn't hurt but it makes it feel uncomfortable after awhile. I have a B.C. Rich Warlock. Does anyone have a suggestion on which guitars might better fit my needs.
Practice more, you'll get used to it :P
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I seen a guy's guitar in a local shop that he has either had made for him, or modded it to have larger distances between the strings. This could help.

But try to curl your fingers more, so the tip of your finger is perpendicular to the neck, so the very tip of your finger is pressing the string, and not the pad of your finger.

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Thanks for the tips Is there any guitars that have a wider neck and thinner neck. I heard that a fat stratocaster might be what I'm looking for?
You don't need a special neck, you just need to be more percicse. Focus on using the tips of your fingers and only muting when you want to mute. It may help to slow it down, make sure you're doing it accurately, then speed it up. Just be paitent, there's no quick fix for practice.
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try arching your fingers so your fingers are coming down to the fretboard as perpendicular as possible. if that makes sense.... In other words don't come in to the fretboard at an angle cause you'll mute other strings that way

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Wouldn't you want to mute the strings anyways so you don't get any unwanted noise?
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well if you want to mute other strings than you can come in at an angle, but if you want to hit multiple strings for a chord or a double stop than you want to come to the fretboard at a very steep angle so you DON'T mute the other strings you want to play as well.

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