Poll: Do you like multi effects units?
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9 43%
A bit/Sometimes
10 48%
2 10%
Voters: 21.
What's your opinion? Are they practical? Unoriginal? Too expensive? Any opinions, suggestions and hate passages on multi-effects here.

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I think they are great especially if youre a bedroom player. But if youre a serious player only after one tone then a tube amp and pedal is better.
For home practise when you don't want to make loads of noise, they're great. But as has and will be said, the tone isn't exactly perfect.
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Personally I like the idea, especially considering I am the kind of player who likes lots of completely different tones. I would probably prefer to get a rackmount+ a footswitch as that seems more versatile to me.

Ibanez SR506BM
Ashdown Little Giant 1000w
Peavey TVX 115+410
A big ass upright

I like them....

1 : You can't lose your tiny pedals anymore
2 : Only needs like 2 cables
3 : My pod x3 is pretty complicated '-.- (maybe the reason is that i'm only 15 and english isn't my mother language)
4 : I think their cheaper then 5 pedals..
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My friend and i drove up to guitar center in atlanta, and he got a Boss ME-50. Its a great little contraption, with lots of tone, but not as good as an original pedal
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I love amp modeling. Going from mesa to soldano to ac 30 to whatever is great for home practice and you get better tones then any of the practice SS amps out there.
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