Hi there, My band " Vayne" and I are looking for a drummer in the quad cities area. Preferably with musical tastes similar to ours [ early judas priest, early metallica, megadeth, black sabbath, led zepplin, venom, guns n roses, iron maiden, motley crue, etc]
Preferably able to read and write drum notes. Lyric writing abilty would be nice, but is NOT required, so just because you can't write lyrics doesn't mean you can't join. All other positions are filled and we need a good drummer. Please contact me at

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rythym guitar for vayne here. we're really playing sutff like Trivium since our lead guitarist adores them. we're metal core so you better be able to do some fast as hell drumming, im talking like 500BPM!!! jk. long as ya dont suck as bad as our last guy your pretty much in.

and he means quadcities as in moline, illinois or Davenport iowa. if you have to mapquest the city, then dont bother.
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