I am doing an essay on symbolism in the Scarlet Letter. My symbol is light and day. Any suggestions to my 3 main topics? haha i think UG is the wrong place to ask but its worth the shot.
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Yea, wrong place .
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the main character is a ***** and the do it in a forest or something like that. that's all i remember, does that help?
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**** this book. i just finished it up last week and i'm writing a term paper on it now.

make sure you mention how the light shines on Hester when she removes her A in the forest. i guess.

...yeah **** this book.
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I actually really enjoyed this book, much more than that (sorry to say this) over-rated The Colo(u)r Purple.

Don't forget the actual letter on her chest, theres loads on it throughout the book.