This is just out of curiosity, I hope it's in the right area. What are the differences between the magnets used it pickups? Ceramic, Alnico II, III, IV, and V...what are the characteristics of these? the pros and cons?
All i really know is that Alnico stands for aluminum nickler cobalt. I would also be very interested in hearing peoples opinions on these. Aosl what are peoples feelings on Neodymium pickups.
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this should be made into a sticky if it gets some good responses?
cause i no NOTHING about pickups and im sure not alot of people do?
Im about to buy some so this would help me alot!


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Ceramics are higher output, and tend to have more high-end. Alnicos tend to be smoother with more midrange.
Well what are the specific differences? They probably wouldn't offer so many Alnico magnets if there was no difference in tone. And does anyone know about the new Alnico VIII?