This is a new song I've written called "Malma's Hat Dance In The Kingdom Of The Sun (The Story of a Short Monkey-Looking Man Who Travels Through Space Dressed As A Polish Bean Farmer)". I've spent quite some time on it, due to procrastination and things. Hope you enjoy!

You critique mine, I'll critique yours!

-Poop DeDoop and the Diarrhea FilthHarmonic Orchestra
Sounds interesting, and kinda catchy. How long did it take you?
Edit: The trumpet scared me at the end :S
Holy Goodness that musta took an Age to do. I thought sometimes that maybe you over thought some parts but everything seems to flow really well and lots of it is catchy. Nothing repeated though, as much as I like the crazy style you got going there I'd love some more repetition of a theme now and again later on in the song. You did It once I think? I may listen a few more times.

The time signatures aren't shoved in my face that much either, each bar glides onto the next one without obvious time changes.

56-61. Yeah thats my fav riff. Nice work B-)

It's a bit long and to go back to a point I made earlier about overthinking some parts, this kinda happens sometimes. I have to wonder did you just think of a riff that sounded the bomb but didn't really lead the song anywhere? If you can understand what I'm trying to say there

That trumpet alone must of taken a day to ****in' write

I liked it, but I'd get lost in it alot i've to say. Overall though, It was very good. 8.5/10


Crazy, not bad

Crazy Tempo
The scale too is very crazy
An hybrid scale LoL

Trumpet Part: OMG Magnific and still crazy^^

It's a new genre!!


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I could never expect anything bad from you man. This is great, I love it! Very Frank Zappa feel to it! I especially love the part at 31. The rock organ part reminds me of the Black Mages. You do a very good job portraying odd time signatures and keeping the flow going, which is something very hard to do. This is very minimalist sounding, blocks of sound with repeated themes adding new things on top of them as it progresses. My only complaint is that with each new cool idea, you seem to get stuck into it a bit and only have designated areas in which you progress, though that may just be your style. Wow, at 76, very cool, love the scale. I'm too lazy to look at what it is, what scale are you using, an octatonic or just an artificial scale you came up with?

Great job man! Love the ending :P
Speechless as hell.

****ing rad dude.

If you keep going, and this truly is 100% original, you are on par with Frank Zappa, and he is one talented and intelligent man.