I think will add the solos
I hope it's nice
Chuck Schuldiner 1967-2001
Ronnie James Padavona 1942-2010
Darrell Lance Abbott 1966-2004
Jon Nödtveidt 1975-2006
Per Yngve Ohlin 1969-1991
Øystein Aarseth 1968-1993
Joe Ptaceck 1973-2010
Ace Börje Thomas Forsberg 1966-2004
The prechoruses were pretty annoying, to be honest. As pointed out, the chorus really didn't feel like a chorus. And the little bass part during the chorus where it was on the higher frets was distracting, as well.

Other than that, decent song.
Not a bad effort. It just needs to be a little more organized. It kinda drags on a bit, but there were some cool riffs.

Overall, 7.68/10.