wow. with a band name like "seal of leviathan", id expect something like..oh, i dont know.. death metal? or any form of metal? leviathan is a biblical beast of the sea. i didnt know R&B was largely influenced by religion..
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So I just woke up sitting in my desk chair, with my bong on the desk in a bunch of little pieces and my hand super glued to my penis. Speculations as to what the hell just happened and how to unglue my hand from my member would be appreciated.
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You mean that? It is kind of funny, but they're pretty young.

"A R&B band"

Noah plays clarinet in an R&B band.

The FAQ is hilarious.

I'm friends with some of them (Nathan Rojers and Sam Willson) lol epic spelling mistake
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Noah... Noah?

Isn't that the name of the Whammy without a Whammy Bar kid?

Wait, it says drums
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PlayMadness, you give me hope for mankind.

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PlayMadness - Jesus 2.0

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Society's doing great. There's a rise of people like PlayMadness. I feel pretty good about the way things are going.